Conversation with Liz Cook, One Seed Perfumes Founder

Conversation with Liz Cook, One Seed Perfumes Founder
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More and more people are choosing natural and organic cosmetics and as the industry grows, so to does the research supporting it. Personally, I’ve always been conscious about my skincare products and makeup, but I’d never really given much thought into what is hiding in my perfumes. Having been fussy as to which perfumes I wore, I’ve generally gone for, what I’ve believed to be high quality and therefore expensive fragrances. After discovering natural and organic perfume company, One Seed Perfumes, I became curious as to why exactly I should be choosing a natural and organic perfume. I mean, wouldn’t a luxury perfume be made from natural fragrances? Unfortunately, the reality is that majority aren’t. In a recent conversation I had with One Seed’s found, Liz Cook, I got to the bottom of the importance of natural and organic perfumes and why we should all be making the change.

Founding One Seed Perfumes in 2009, Liz’s interest in the beauty industry was sparked purely from her own interest and research. After experimenting with her own skincare creations using clays, oils and resins, her first business venture was a store which specialised in natural, costume skincare. It was during this business venture that Liz noticed the need to natural, organic perfumes.

“We started to get a lot more people coming in saying ‘well I’ve pushed everything over to what you guys are making now, but I’m still using synthetic perfumes. Can you custom blend a perfume?’ So, I just started experimenting with a few things.”
This was essentially the start of her journey to One Seed Perfumes. “And then I sold the business in 2007, I took 18 months and just started really researching how aromatherapy is different from perfume construction. A lot of research, a lot of experimenting and 18 months later I launched the first three fragrances for One Seed.”
For Liz it was simple, “I just felt like it’s not right that people switch everything over but they don’t have a beautiful option for perfume. And so that’s really what drove me to create the range.”

While an obvious need was addressed, why exactly should we be making the change to a natural, organic fragrance? “One reason is that the commercial perfume world is full of synthetics and people don’t realise that 99% of what goes into any perfume on the market, whether you paid $20 or $450 for it, it’s all synthetic and while you might have better quality synthetics, almost the whole entire formula is made from synthetic, manufactured ingredients that usually come from petrochemical industry which have been linked to hormonal diseases.” Liz further goes on to inform me of the limited testing being done on these synthetic fragrances, “there’s only about 20% of ingredients that ever get tested. Even then, they are not testing for long term health effects, they are more testing for skin allergic reactions. So we are sitting on at least 75-80% of ingredients in all of these products that have never been tested for even medium safety.

With a lack of transparency in the essentially self-governed perfume industry, laws in the US and Australia allow companies to keep their trade secrets. This means any ingredients deemed a secret, don’t need to be included in the ingredient list, as Liz made me aware. Personally, I find this rather interesting considering the topic of ethics is currently being debated throughout the cosmetic industry. One Seed’s ethos aligns with The Travelling Kimono’s with their aim being to create a product which is good for people and the planet, being sustainable and ethically made. For One Seed, this means being aware of the ingredients they are using, ensuring that they are respecting the environment and never taking too much of something and using seasonal ingredients.

A lot of love and care goes into creating One Seed’s beautiful perfumes. And when considering that 60% of everything that goes on your skin is absorbed into your bloodstream, I think it’s important to know the facts about your perfumes. For me, what I love most about One Seed is their commitment to transparency. I know that the ingredients used are safe for my skin and my health. After my conversation with Liz, I really believe it is important to take a holistic approach when selecting my cosmetic products and I hope this conversation has been informative and empowering for you all. And of course, introduced you to a wonderful company providing us with beautiful natural and organic fragrances.

P.S My personal favourite One Seed perfume is Hope!

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By Abi Tucker

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