Introducing Ttk Ambassador Audrey

Introducing Ttk Ambassador Audrey
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If you've been following along with TTK for a little while now, you've likely met Audrey. Regularly featured in our collection campaigns, Audrey has become a part of our TTK family and brings a fresh take on our TTK pieces with her French influence style.


We love to see how Audrey styles her TTK pieces, so we thought you all would too. For this reason, we are so excited to have Audrey on board as our first brand ambassador. Recently, Audrey had a chat to us all about what has influenced her style and her wardrobe essentials.


Do you have any style icons? / inspiration

I don't have typical style icons, but I follow lots of different French and Australian influencers and I just mix and match different styles and trends. As I follow different people, one's going to be super classy and another is going to be more coastal. So I  really mix classy, classic city and boho coastal. My looks are going to be more classic, but they need to be comfy. And I like a bit of boho, but that's why I like The Travelling Kimono, because I mix it with boots or sneakers to make it look different.


A couple of my favourite social media influencers, who inspire my style, would have to be @sincerelyjules, @brittanyxavier, French girls @carolinereceveur and @chloelecareux and Australian @olivecooke.


What are your wardrobe essentials?

Jeans for sure! And a black, simple t-shirt… and a white t-shirt. A nice black dress as well cause it goes with everything. Then I would say neutrals, like linens, white, beige, black cause they go with everything.


Do you like to follow and wear what's on trend?

Yeah sure. So of course we can see linen is a big trend at the moment. But I like some grungy, classic pieces and to mix and match. Like that would be my two go-tos, just to not be too on trend and make it my own.  Or if an outfit is too black, white or neutral, I like having a yellow bag or yellow shoes or just like a little on trend accessory to break it up.  


What are your go-to accessories?

A nice pair of sunglasses, so for me it’s a pair of classic black Prada ones cause they go with everything. I also often add nice hats to an outfit. And I know it's my go-to, but I always have my gold chains on cause they go with everything. Gold earrings, gold accessories, I love it!


Favourite TTK pieces?

So my favourite would be my Bella Blouse Jacket. I wear it with literally everything. I wear it with a black dress, jeans, wrap it around my waist, over my bikinis, literally with everything. I love it because in Australia you don't need anything heavy. And you know I love the black silk pants, they are a good wardrobe basic. Of course I'm obsessed with linen so my linen robe is another one of my most worn pieces.


How does living in Noosa inspire your style?

Moving to Noosa definitely changed my style because I'm French. At first I was so French and so classy, like boots, grunge, black leather… like living in the city. So I was super overdressed when I first arrived here so I changed and went for more comfy and light pieces. I discovered linen here, white, beige. I changed to a more chill and comfy and linen style which is good to live in cause of the heat here. The colours I wore definitely changed. I wore a lot of black, brown, navy and now it's like white, beige - a lot lighter.


How has growing up in France inspired your style?

Well France, with the Fashion weeks in Paris and events  you have so many influences. So I was definitely, I wouldn't say more stylish, but I was reading the trends because they were in every shop. So what I changed here is my way of buying clothes. I'm more into designers now and I will buy better quality. Before, I bought more Zara, Mango, fast fashion. It was way more accessible in France. But I think it was time to change as well, I'm growing up and I want to buy more eco sustainable. When I went back to France last summer, my style was so different from my friends. That's when I noticed how much my style had changed.



To keep up-to-date with all of Audrey's TTK styling tips, make sure you are following @audreybruh and @thetravellingkimono on Instagram. 


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