Kickstarter Campaign - TTK to shake up the Fashion Industry for good.

Kickstarter Campaign - TTK to shake up the Fashion Industry for good.
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Kickstarter Campaign - TTK to shake up the Fashion Industry for good.

From its start in 2013, The Travelling Kimono has had sustainability and ethical practice at the forefront of its ethos. When choosing to manufacture in Vietnam, it was essential to ensure we were staying true to our values and commitment to social responsibility through ethically transparent processes rather than aligning with mass manufactures who didn’t share our ethical vision. This is when the women behind the clothes come in. Men and her team of seamstresses have become an essential part of the TTK family. And they are just as passionate about the slow fashion movement as we are.

The reality is fashion is the second most polluting industry after oil. With an average of 80 billion new garments being produced globally every year it has become increasingly important to make responsible consumption decisions. For this reason, each of our garments are handmade using only deadstock

The purpose of this Kickstarter is to allow us the opportunity to continue to empower the women we have worked with in Vietnam. Currently, we are only able to employ three women due to our lack of space, equipment and resources. As everything is handmade, the manufacturing process is longer than usual which means our team are working on our collections almost a year in advance. While our goal is of course to employ more seamstresses and purchase new equipment and facilities, our overall aim is so much more than that. The idea is to create a space and community that empowers and supports women through employment while giving them the opportunity to learn and develop new skills. This space will provide women with a safe space to work where they a valued while providing baby minding services, food on site and even English lessons.

As we truly want to shake up the fashion industry, we want to initiate change through mentorship. Our warehouse space will provide an option for brands seeking ethical and sustainable manufacturing. Supporting each other in our journey to make sustainable and ethical fashion the new norm is what is truly going to shake up the fashion industry.

Our mission is simple, support women by providing safe and fair working conditions + support the planet by creating conscious and sustainable manufacturing. Personally, I love working for a brand that not only loves creating beautiful limited-edition garments, but that truly values its entire team. Knowing each seamstress by name is unique in the fashion industry and is something we are truly proud of. This Kickstarter is the beginning of the next phase of TTK. We are continuing our promise of social responsibility and transparency in an industry which doesn’t always value it. We are putting into practice our ethos and ensuring our actions reflect what we are saying.

We would love for you to check out our Kickstarter  

where you’ll find a complete breakdown of why we are doing this and what we are aiming to achieve. And if this is something you are passionate about, consider joining us on our journey to make ethical and sustainable fashion the new normal.


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