Our Love Affair With Molly Debiak

Our Love Affair With Molly Debiak
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Our Love Affair with Molly Debiak 

Our favourite pieces of jewellery, the ones we wear everyday, become a part of our story. They
begin to define our aesthetic to others and just as the design shares a part of us with others, so does
the quality of the pieces we choose. Often being a gift from loved ones, our jewellery holds a
sentimental value that makes our pieces precious to us. For this reason, it is always important to
choose just the right piece of jewellery. At TTK, we have fallen in love with a jewellery designer who
shares our love of minimal and beautiful things.
Handcrafted in Seattle, Molly Debiak consciously crafts beautiful, limited pieces. Being sustainably
conscious, her made to order approach ensures there is limited waste during the crafting process.
Each piece from Molly’s collection is made with so much care and attention to detail, making each
piece of jewellery truly special and unique. With many of her designs featuring references to nature,
her pieces remind us of simplicity and taking time to enjoy the little moments in our day-to-day lives.
Molly’s easy-to-wear, delicate pieces will compliment any outfit with her gold vermeil pieces being a
personal favourite way to polish off a simple tee and denim outfit. Her necklaces particularly, are the
perfect every-day piece of jewellery, and will outlast any trend. They can easily be layered with
pieces you already own or standout on their own… either way, you won’t want to take yours off.
We truly do only want to share brands with you that we think you will love as much as we do and
Molly Debiak is absolutely one of those. As we wear her pieces ourselves, we can say for certainty
that they are incredibly well made and will easily become your staple pieces, adding a touch of
understated elegance to your style and outfits.

Check out our favourite Molly Debiak necklace here.



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