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What does ECO. SUSTAINABLE. LIMITED mean to TTK?  

From the start, The Travelling Kimono has aimed to make a change within the local and international fashion industry, while providing opportunity for those we work with. In this superficial industry, TTK has found purpose in being authentic and transparent. As we grow and develop, it has become increasingly important to keep our ethos, ECO. SUSTAINABLE. LIMITED. at the heart of everything we do.


For TTK, making responsible decisions for today that positively impact the planet for tomorrow is what an eco-friendly approach is all about. It has always been important that our choices as a brand do not contribute to the waste of the industry. For this reason, we use deadstock (which you can read more about here). Using fabrics which have already been produced means we are not adding to the waste epidemic. Our eco-friendly approach is not limited to the manufacturing of our garments. We consider this essential to the entirety of our business. A conscious effort goes into improving our efforts, even in smallest of ways such as using any fabric scraps to make scrunchies or being entirely plastic free. We are on a continual learning journey of better understanding and working towards minimising our environmental impact.


Going hand-in-hand with eco, sustainable practice is a top priority for TTK. Not only do we value this, but increasingly, so do consumers and we love that we can provide a sustainable option for those wanting to make a positive change in their fashion consumption habits. In recent years, sustainability has become a sort of trend within the fashion industry. With sustainability initiatives key marketing tactics for brands, it’s important that we are always authentic, transparent and honest about our efforts. For us, sustainability doesn’t just include our commitment to eco-friendly practices. It’s our commitment to provide a sustainable living for our beautiful seamstresses, a living wage which allows them to support themselves and their families. The ladies who make our TTK garments are really the heart of our label and it is so important to us that they have a clean and safe working environment, as well as the opportunity to develop and learn new skills. With our goal to lead the way in sustainable fashion, we are always wanting to challenge ourselves to increase our sustainable practices. This is really what drives us to constantly up our game. 


Small collections, limited quantities. I personally believe this is essential to being a sustainable label. This approach is partly a result of using deadstock. Having limited amounts of fabrics means nothing is ever mass produced. In general, we make only 30 of each garment, never reproducing a garment in the same fabric. This really is what makes TTK pieces so special. When purchasing a TTK garment, you know you are getting a limited, handmade piece. Our swing tags all say made with love and we really mean that. So much care and attention go into each garment and we want our customers to feel the love. 

Every decision TTK makes, must align with our ethos of ECO. SUSTAINABLE. LIMITED. Not only does it make us who we are, but our team truly believes in it. These principles are important to us. We want to be a brand the exemplifies what we say, and we love taking you all along for the journey. Transparency is so important to us, so please ask questions. We love sharing a behind the scenes look into TTK and if that interests you, I’d recommend checking out our Instagram page @thetravellingkimono

Abi xx

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