Loralee Jade X Ttk Custom Tote 2
Loralee Jade X Ttk Custom Tote 2

Loralee Jade X Ttk Custom Tote 2

$40.00 $89.95

We love nothing better than working together with like minded people to create something special and something with meaning. We have come together in collaboration with local sunshine coast artist, Loralee Jade, combining her unique painting style, hand painted onto our hand made canvas tote bags and linen robes. Each piece is individual and one of a kind. 

Drawing her inspiration for these pieces from memories of watching her mother recreate second hand pieces of fabric into something beautiful, they are based in abstraction while reflecting emotional states that cannot be always expressed through words. Loralee uses her art as her greatest tool for healing, connecting and releasing. 

These totes are made from a heavy duty recycled canvas fabric in flax and hand painted with paint markers. 

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