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Ethical Clothing production  by The Travelling Kimono


Ethical clothing production

Cultivating empowerment and purpose will always be at the core of who we are.


We are firm believers in conscious practices, both for people and the planet. We know our seamstresses by name and create an environment for them to grow and support themselves through their skills while earning a sustainable living wage. We are committed to the journey of social responsibility, through ethically transparent processes and are striving to make continual changes to better our practices in every area of our business.



We are creating a community that empowers women through sustainable, ethical employment. We are committed to create consciously in every area of our business and to contribute in forming a platform that becomes part of the solution to encourage change in the fashion industry.



We believe that is Important to make responsible decisions for today that positively impact the planet for tomorrow.


We are striving for sustainability which is why instead of making more fabric, we source the ends of fabric rolls that would normally end up in landfill and use all our off cuts to create either children’s dresses or headscarves to minimise our production waste. We aim to source the most natural, organic fabrics we can and are currently on the learning journey of better understanding and working towards increased sustainability and minimising our environmental impact.


We do what we can as a company and individually to be plastic free both locally and globally. In store we use only use recycled brown paper bags or our signature tote bags, which are again recycled and reused. All our garments are sent to us from Vietnam in handmade fabric bags from our leftover fabric, which we send back for them to be used again. Our new postage satchels are now 100% compostable and are made from sustainably sourced plants, which means they break down easily in your compost or green waste.


These are just a few things we are doing to help make a positive change for our planet and are always looking for new ways to make changes towards a more sustainable future.





Meet the Makers (TTK family)

TTK wouldn’t be where we are today without the passion, commitment and devotion from our TTK Family both in Australia and Vietnam.


Men - Seamstress

Men is our main seamstress and has been with TTK right from the beginning. She learnt the art of sewing through Mum and she has grown with us as a label. Starting with quite basic designs and collections she has assisted in perfecting our staple favourites while expanding her skill into more complex designs. She has serious eye for quality, detail and precision and now oversees a small team of seamstresses who assist with the sewing.


Mum (Phong) & Hein

We Call Phong Mum simply because she mothers us. She is the fittest and most loving 75 year old we know. Her affection towards us and her family in contagious and you can’t help but smile when you look at her. Mum has taught Men everything she knows about sewing and continues to check all garments made and help when needed.

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