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After a holiday to Vietnam in 2010 left us feeling really inspired by the culture and the people, we chose to do our sourcing and production in Ho Chi Minh City. From the beginning we felt drawn to Vietnam over other countries, not only because Vietnam has a high reputation in quality garment production, but also because of the beautiful nature of the people. After our first sourcing trip our eyes were opened to the huge amounts of recycled deadstock fabrics available just in Vietnam. ( This is where our deadstock journey began)


You know when it's truly meant to be when everything happens with ease and just naturally falls into place. This is exactly what happened when my nail lady here on the sunshine coast got so excited about my idea that she passed on her best friend's number and said call Hien she will look after you. And that she did. Hien now lives in Australia and is part of our extended family. She took me under her wing in a foreign country and introduced me to her entire family who still to this day make our garments.


Our seamstresses’ children call us Aunty Nell & Aunty Nicki which is so heartwarming and gives us more motivation to grow our business and continue to support them. We have such a strong connection with the women who work for us and their families. Through talking with them daily, sending many family photo updates, having them visit and stay with us in Australia and working together so closely over the past 8 years, they have become our family. We visit Vietnam up to 4 times a year to spend time with our team. Our mission is to always create a community of empowerment for these women.





Janelle Rawlins - The Travelling Kimono journey started in 2013 when founder, Janelle Rawlins needed a creative outlet. She began sketching out designs of garments to fulfil this need and as the process unfolded she realised this was something she wanted to pursue. Having a desire to empower women combined with a then, basic understanding of the impact the garment industry has on people and the planet, she wanted to create something that not only reflected quality, comfort and style but something lasting that would make a difference in the people's lives who make it.

Since beginning the journey in 2013, Janelle has spent the last 8 years working, learning and growing in understanding and better ethical and sustainable manufacturing practices to help build TTK and become one of the leading drivers of change in the way the fashion and textile industry is run.

With the launch of TTK Collective (our ethical manufacturing house) a new movement for a new standard of manufacturing on its way. 




JANELLE & NICKI - Growing up together in South Australia, Janelle and Nicki are soul sisters and both have a love for travel, the beach and are equally as passionate about creative design and making a difference in the world. 

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