The Travelling Kimono was founded in 2013 and from day one, sustainability and the environment has always been at the forefront of every decision that we have made.

Every element of our business, from business cards, manufacturing, packaging and selling we strive to choose the option which has the most minimal impact on the environment.


Sustainability and our environmental impact is ever changing and is something that we will continue to learn about and forever improve. We believe sustainability is the way of the future and it is our responsibility to make the right choices today that positively impact the planet for tomorrow and into the future.  


Throughout our whole production process we use ZERO plastics and have a ZERO waste policy which sees us using all fabric offcuts to make smaller items such as scrunchies, head scarfs, christmas stockings, eye masks and more. If we have larger quantities left we donate it to orphanages.



Our main aim is to source recycled deadstock fabrics while still seeking the most natural, organic fabrics we can in order to minimise our environmental impact. 


Deadstock fabrics are defined as left over fabrics from larger textile companies and will typically end up in landfill. Sourcing beautiful, high quality deadstock fabrics means we are able to repurpose them so instead of ending up in landfill they find a home in your wardrobe. 


We have been recycling deadstock fabrics since 2013 so far have repurposed an estimated 3.5 tonnes of fabric from going into landfill. 



There is no perfect packaging. At the end of the day, packaging is discarded so we do our very best to keep our packaging as minimal and low-impact as we can.


All our pieces are packed into biodegradable garment bags with simple card swing tags attached with cotton twine and 100% cotton labels.


We currently wrap all pieces sold online in tissue paper and post off in biodegradable mailer bags but are looking into recycled brown mailers. Instore we use recycled brown paper bags with jute handles.



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