FACT - Currently at this moment in time there is an estimated 40.3 million people who are trapped in slavery, with 24.9 million in forced labour.

Of these, 16 million are exploited in the private sector including domestic work, construction, manufacturing or agriculture.

4.8 million are in forced sexual exploitation many being young children.


In our opinion these numbers are not ok and extremely heartbreaking which is why we are firm advocates of empowering women through ethical and sustainable employment, so cultivating empowerment and purpose will always be one of our core foundations.


We know all our seamstresses by name which has allowed us to build a strong, trustworthy team of women who are always encouraged to grow in their skillset while earning a sustainable living wage. Paying the women who work with us a sustainable living wage means that they can support their families with all their necessary expenses such as housing, food, healthcare and education while still being able to save for unexpected events. We support them with money management, emphasising how important it is to keep track of their earnings. We work closely with our team to teach them about human trafficking and slave labour because we want to build a safe working environment for these women to not only work but come to for rest, help and growth.



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